What's Wrong With Me Buying A Gucci Purse?

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Side 1 says... I mentioned to my husband that I wanted to buy this one particular Gucci purse which is less than a thousand dollars.

He immediately told me that 'it's not practical to buy a purse for that much money' and it's just plain insane.

Firstly, I am not asking him to buy it for me-- I make enough money and more to afford one; secondly, I only want ONE Gucci purse--not a collection of ten of them because I think that's even too much.

He mentioned just buying a 'replica' because they are way cheaper--no WAY! To me , THAT would be a waste of my money to buy a replica and just plain chintzy!

I used to be high-maintenance before we were married, but I feel I eased out alot afterwards--and believe me: I lOve to shop!--and not for cheapy things! lol

So what does everyone think? :o/
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Side 2 says... firstly babe i love you....lol!

ok now down to business, granted you make enough money to buy one but why specifically a $1000 purse? i personally think it's a status symbol for woman. for instance two chicks pass each other in the mall: one has a plain old guess purse that does exactly what a purse is made for ie. carry money, makup, credit cards, keys, ect. and the other has a gucci purse. the chick with the gucci purse will look at the chick with the guess purse and think she's either poor, doesn't have class, or is chinzy.

am i right or am i right?!? all these dumb-ass hollywood celeb chicks make a point to carry around a $5000 or $10,000 purse just so a paparazzi can snap a picture of them looking all rich and classy! all it is imo is for one chick to out do another when they pass buy one another!

i would rather put that money towards retirement or a nice vacation overseas.
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