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Side 1 says... I have a responsible 16 year old son who is taking his younger brother of 5 to a wrestling practice. After the wrestling practice they went to a church youth group to eat lunch. The Church youth group is like Young Life and the wrestling coach is a minister of the church. My 16 year old son has been going there for over 2 years and it has had a great influence on my son. Does anyone think that my son should tell me that he is taking our 5year old to it or should i trust him enough to use his judgement?
Added by Firecracker (female)
Side 2 says... What I have a problem with is that our 16 year old was only allowed to take our 5 year old to wrestling practice. After which our 16 year old decided, and did not let us know, that he was going to attend the church youth group. My feeling is that he should have asked us permission and not taken it upon himself to decide if it was ok to take our 5 year old on to this next activity. Furthermore, I believe it's important for us to know exactly where our children are. So even if he didn't have our 5 year old, he still should have let us know where he was planning to go.
Added by Gavin (male)
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