Keep Your Hands Off The Wii

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Side 2
Side 1 says... Why is it that girlfriends think they should be allowed to touch everything their boyfriend owns? I have been playing this game for pretty much the last week for 3 hours a night and I paused it to take a shower in between her getting ready to go to dinner and us going out. I'm in the shower and she starts playing. She died 3 times and then didn't know how to save the game so she erased it!

I was pissed so I didn't take her out to dinner. Now I have to start all over. I told her not to touch it and then she bitches at me for erasing it because if i would have shown her how to use it she would have known how to save it. Women turn things around like that. She's mad about dinner. I'm mad about my game. She started it but thinks I'm being stupid about it. She shouldn't touch my things.
Added by mantrixer (male)
Side 2 says... Let's go through the points:

- You'd rather play that game than have sex which I find weird.
- You almost cried.
- It's a game not real life.
- You talk like we ere going to Ruth Chris. We were going to Taco Bell.
- You're 25. Grow up.

I still can't believe you're mad about this. Seriously get oooooover it! Come on people, I felt bad but I almost laughed when he teared up.
Added by whoops24 (female)
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