Saving Daughter From Idiotic Marriage Idea

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Side 1 says... My youngest daughter (18) fell for this real schlub of a guy at her job in Pizza Hut. She's going to college and this is her spending money. The guy she fell for is 24 and Pizza Hut is his career. He has no ambition, he's disrespectful, has long hair, tattoo covered body, peirced everywhere (even his damn lip), and doesn't look like he has showered since birth.

My daughter has told me he proposed and they want to get married! She's being an idiot and I am telling her she's making the biggest mistake of her life and she is just letting it go in one ear and out the other.

I know people will agree with me - especially after I let her say her piece as it will just make mine even better - but can somebody please tell her that she's too young (and naive) to go jumping into this. Her mother and I both agree this is the stupidest thing she's ever done.
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Side 2 says... My dad never likes anyone I'm with so I don't expect him to like Craig. He doesn't think I'm mature enough to do anything and I'm still daddy's little girl. The thing is my parents got married at 19 and they are STILL together. Mom said dad was a stoner in high school and now he makes great money. I think he's being hypocritical. I always go after guys that aren't normal....why? Cos they aren't normal. Normal is boring and I like to be able to live my life and not care how other people think. Craig treats me like a queen and we get along great. We've been together almost 11 months and I think it's only gonna get better! If I make a mistake I will have to pay for it but I don't think it is. WHY CAN'T HE JUST BE HAPPY FOR ME!!!?
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