My Buddy Screwed Me Over On Spring Break

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Side 1 says... So we go to Cancun a bunch of us guys and we have an awesome villa to party in. Girls everywhere. Most of my friends are all into working out. I am not out of shape. I'm just small. So, it's easier for them to get chicks than me.

Anyway, I started talking to a girl that was completely out of my league. We were actually sober when we started talking. I really wanted to get to her so I asked her to meet us at a club. We did and it was great. We grinded and everthing and then we went back to the villa - all of us.

We were both drunk by this point and I went to get us more drinks and my c*ck block friend was making out with her! When I confronted him about it he didnt even care he just kept on doing it. At this point i changed my mind about the girl (skank) but I could have at least gotten laid. He can get these girls all the time and I never get this opportunity. That's what pisses me off.

A million girls and he has to take away one I could have had a great story with. Now the story is his. F*cker.
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Side 2 says... I'll do this because you're being a baby and I want people to laugh at you. But anyway yeah I did take a girl from him. It's not HIS girl. Spring Break has no boundaries. It's like vegas. What happens stays there. Coming home crying about it won't make it any better.

I was drunk. Everyone was drunk. I might feel bad if you didn't hook up with anyone and that was your only chance. But you said you hooked up with 2 other girls.

And I didn't force her to do anything. In all honestly, she told me the reason she was hanging out with you was to get to me but I was talking to someone else. Think about it. Did you kiss her? No. Did you do anything but dance with her? No. Man why the hell do you wanna try and prove I'm wrong and fight over some skank you met for a few hours in another country? Seriously.
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