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Side 1 says... My boyfriend doesn't think I have the right look. He thinks I dress a little funny and not sexy enough. I'm not into being trendy and wearing things like skinny jeans and tight clothes. He says it's a big turnoff and that's why he looks at other girls because he checks out their clothes and thinks he would look at me more if I did. That kind of stuff doesn't fit my personality at all and he knows it but he still wants me to change. Tell him to stop please.
Added by iheart (female)
Side 2 says... She doesn't dress sexy at all! She doesn't turn me on because she dresses like a librarian. She is only 24. She has no interest to even try it for me. That's what I really want her to do is try it.

I think if she gives it a chance she might even like it for herself. I think it would be better for our relationship. I used to swear like a sailor but she's changed me there. I like to swear but I don't for her. All I ask is she tries!
Added by thesnake (male)
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