If He Ever Told The Truth I Might Stroke!

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Side 1 says... Seriously, I love Kev, but the guy can't tell the truth if his life depended on it. He's always talking himself up to his friends and other people we don't really know. That's ok I guess. It doesn't really affect me. But he also does it to me! OVer the weirdest stuff.

Like yesterday he told me he was going to the store to get some eggs cos we were out and he wanted to make an omlette. So he leaves and on his way back at home his mom calls and said he left his phone there. He never said he was going to his mom's. Why? Because she was making him breakfast! I would have LOVED for his mom to make me breakfast too because she said she would have and asked why I didn't come with him. I just said I was gonna workout because I didn't want to tell her I wasn't invited so she would start asking if things were ok between us.

Another thing he did was (and this is goofy) use one of my tampons to soak up some Coke he spilled on the bedroom floor. Why he used it I don't know. When I asked him why it was in the trash, he said he had no idea but I smelled it and he eventually confessed. Why lie???

It gets old and I just want him to stop. White lies aren't great for a relationship and they are kind of annoying. And I got denied food so I'm a little upset. But I can see his lies getting bigger. I asked him about it and he said it's no big deal. Tell him it is!!!
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Side 2 says... I didn't tell her I was going to my mom's cos I kinda wanted to get away from her for awhile. Now you know. Are you happy you know the truth? Sometimes you get on my nerves and to be nice, I lied. I knew you wouldn't want to go to Winn Dixie but you would want to eat my mom's french toast.

I like my space. That's why i lied about that. I was just embarrassed I used a tampon to soak up some soda. It was just the closest thing there. And who cares anyway?

This is what she does though. She constantly asks me about every little move I make. It's like I'm being watched all the time. I can't stand that. I like my space and I don't like to answer to people. So I lie. It's ok. It doesn't hurt anybody. The truth hurts.
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