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Side 1 says... Hello,mother's day went out for breakfast with my daughter and boyfriend father of my daugther, then to wal-mart to pick up some storage bins, my boyfriend (Mike) and my daughter 6 yrs old (lynn) always hit each other always in fun but, I always put a stop to it because I don't like hitting at all. ya'know those long keychain things that you wear around your neck with the cloth like strap well mike had one of those and was tapping lynn with it so I toke it away... we walked around the store and they started hitting again this time mike hits lynn again she prentends to cry and I have the keys in my hand swings it so the strap part of it hits mike on the shoulder he turns and I hit he shoulder and the lower part of his face....I feel bad and say sorry over and over again, hating myself..and I should..mike just gets mad and says forget this,lets just leave. at this point we were walking around the garden center lynn doesn't even realize what happens and mike walks out of the garden center and down an isle lynn and I follow, lynn says she has to go to the bathroom, I tell mike and he starts yelling at lynn telling her she should have gone to the bathroom before they left the house ( remember we went to breakfast) I take lynn's hand and start walking to the bathroom mike walks off saying he is gonna leave, I keep walking telling him that I have to keys I wasn't gonna stop, A six year old tells me she has to go to the bathroom I go to the bathroom...so I'm walking he comes for the keysI give them to him and he starts yelling at lynn again bout using public bathrooms how they are disgusting and dirty and how she a six year old, walking across the top isle of the toy department in wal-mart he says "you are going to get bugs up your ass" yes those words loudly in wal-mart walking behind us telling my duaghter she is going to get bugs up her ass....I ingore him...or just pretend too, i look at my daughter and she looks like she wants to cry I tell not to let him get to her, my six year old needed a bathroom...finale we reach the bathroom we go in I thought he left, went to the car or something, no he was waitting when we got out, now he started on me what a bad yes bad mother was to let her use that wal-mart dirty bathroom and I should be teaching her not to use public bathrooms to hold it and go home..... yes in a perfect world, that would be great...and he hoped that because I let her use the disgusting bathroom he hoped she would get bugs up her ass...( now he turns back to talking to her trying to explain how dirty and disgusting some people can be and that she is gonna get bugs up her ass...over and over he keeped saying this...BUGS UP YOU ASS we get to the front of the store in line I just want to leave( I had one little cute watering can for lynn and bread ) lets just say people noticed and I almost started to cry because of the looks I was getting from the other people....., we get in the car to go home mike goes off again about the bathroom both me an lynn don't say a word...he stops at a gas station before going home I asked lynn if she just wanting to go for a ride with me when we got home or just go into the house..she said she wants to go with me.. so when we pull in the drive way mike is on his phone. lynn and I get out of his car and simple go into mine. mike comes over knocks on the window ask where are we going? I rolled down the window and said for a ride, we don't feel like getting yelled at any more, he leans in unlocks to door and said he wants to come he doesn't want to stay alone...I tell him to get out go in calm down or go out with his sister and where...but he stayed in to car then he asked? lynn if she wanted him out?.. and she saids yes and he gets huffy but gets out of the car> I leave, there was question as to where we could go beacuse my car was on E and the little money I had I bought and watering can and bread.....so up to my bank and if I had enough money I would have filled my tank and drove to my mom's, but I didn't so twenty dollars, gave me gas to drive to a store and walk around for a bit...then home for lunch lynn walks in the mike is laying on the couch lynn says hi he doesn't respond she trys again thinking he is sleeping and waves her hand infront of his face the see if he is wake and he just looks at her an still doesn't say anything...after lynn has her lunch and i just finished my, he gets up, goes to the frig??? up lynn comes into the room and says Hi,... mike in his I'am just talking loud voice says I have nothing to say to you until you can say sorry for hurting my feelings.... she comes to me and I simple take her to her room... more crying and huging I just want out... she wanted to go to soccer so I kept trying to get up to get her socks an d stuff from ther living room, we finally did and he says sorry over and over again to her and blames it on me....for getting him mad...remember the starp I hit him with... mike came with us in my car.. soccer then to the food store he came with me in my car....so we all went to the store he sits in the back sit with lynn and they are all buddy buddy..... Honestly you've .got to love kids, how quickly them get over things, but I am an adult, it takes me longer... so this is my mothers day lynn is with him I'm getting only what I can afford and he is buying her cookies and lunchables and spongebob soup ( I know she won't eat) so we are in line MY stuff is on the belt and he is asking me what is for dinner....like it's any other day " whats for dinner" I didn't answer him couldn't really. so he decides to go to the prepared food and get dinner and lynn goes with him I said what about your stuff in the carraige ( my is on the belt) he said just leave I pay for it when I get back.....fine I buy my stuff and leave to store and can't get to the car soon enough and I break sown and cry I evenput on sunglasses so passer bys don't notice....
please I'am sure I could have handle a few things diffrentlylike not asked my daughter what she wanted, but I always affraid I taking her away from him and having her hate me..
How wrong am I ?
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Side 2 says... I stand by what I said, publice bathroom are dirty....and lynn's mother should teach her to hold it and go home...
Added by grumpybear (male)
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