"Neutral" Button And/or Change Votes?

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Side 2
Side 1 says... This was a question and I was asked to make it a side.

We wondered, at least a few of us... perhaps not all, if there was a way to vote "neutral" (see the question for the history)? Some of us think it'd be kinda cool, given a recent post or 2, if we could basically say and be counted as saying that we think neither side is right and/or both sides are wrong.

I believe the rebuttal is to just not vote, and to leave comments. Of course, if thats the answer, thats acceptable... however, a LOT of people vote, but dont leave comments. Lets say 100 people read a side, and only 10 comment. 90 people can only leave their opinion by voting. if 50 of those 90 people think both sides are wrong... their opinion is not counted unless they pick a side. With that in mind, I think a "neutral" or "neither" button would be kinda cool.

ALSO, a couple of recent sides have had people vote for one side, only to have an update or responses from the side poster completely change the voter's mind. It would be kinda cool to also have a way to change our vote. Sometimes an extra piece of data makes a huge difference, but after we've clicked that button, its gone forever. Again, the world wont crumble if no changes are made... just thought it'd be kinda cool.

AND, while I got your attention, I thought it'd be cool to be able to edit our own posts, and send private messages to other posters thru the site. That is all... :-)
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Side 2 says... We had this discussion about 2 months into the creation of sidetaker. A few people suggested the 'neither' button so it was added. Others then suggested that it watered down the idea of taking sides and - as the name implies - being a 'sidetaker.'

Each story has only the two (main) sides of the people involved; there is no third side. Maybe neither person in the argument is right. Then it should become a question about who is LESS wrong.

It basically boils down to the same approach used by the court system. The jury has to choose either 'guilty' or 'not guilty.' There is no 'eh, they are both wrong.' They deliberate and try to change each other's minds - which is what the comments/advice section is for. You had three options in 2008 - vote for Obama, vote for McCain, or to not vote at all (which are the same options sidetaker has now).

Admittedly, the ability to change the initial vote is a good idea and should be added for logged in users (so we'll definitely look into that). This, as a deliberation factor, should be considered regardless of the decision on a 'neither' button since someone's comment could effect another's initial vote.

We'll see what we can do about the private messages and the comment editing, but that is our stance on the whole 'neither' button.
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