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Side 1 says... We have a rule in our house that pertains to phone usage. We do not make or accept calls after 9pm. We see this as proper manners and since we do not want people calling the house after that time we do not call others after that time. My 14 year old daughter thinks that if she is on the phone at nine she should not have to get off, because there is no ringing to annoy anyone. My problem with this touches several areas. First, when does the time stop. I think it is easier and more precise if there is no phone after 9. Does a 14 year old need to be on the phone this late? Also, I think there should be a limit to how long kids talk on the phone.
Added by dad714 (male)
Side 2 says... i think that i should be able to talk on the phone until 9:30pm because i know we have rules but i always fallow the rules so i think i should get a little leisure and the phone is not annoying any one because its not ringing, and that's the only reason why it goes off at 9:00pm am not saying i want to be able to talk and hang up and keep talking to people all night am just asking if am talking to my boyfriend cuz that's the only person i want to talk to after 9:00pm any way i should be able to continue to talk to him and i could understand how i was not allowed to talk after 9:00pm but i have gotta older and have more responsibility so i should be able to talk a little longer all i want is to let me off my leash not a lot but at least a little.
Added by sam520 (female)
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