Her Answer To Her Not Trusting Me Is Snip

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Side 1 says... Here's my dilemma. My wife is worried about me leaving her. She doesn't want kids and neither do I. The thing is she doesn't want me to change my mind. If I would she thinks I would leave her for someone willing to have them. Since she thinks I am not 100% she wants me to have a vasectomy.

Maybe I will change my mind but she might also. I have no intentions to but I'm 27 and she is 25 and that might change. She wants to trap me. I think she wants too much.

She's worried about accidents and I told her to get her tubes tied. She said no.
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Side 2 says... I am worried!. We don't use birth control. I'm allergic to condoms. I really am too forgetful to take the pill regularly. I don't want to have an accident because I know I won't be a good mom. I'm selfish. I know.

I just think it's easier for him to get that done than for me to get my tubes tied. Seriously, it takes like five minutes. Then no worries. I don't see his problem if he thinks he will be with me forever. I am not changing my mind on kids. Period. So if he's with me he's not gonna have them. He knew that going in. In fact before we got married and talked about kids he said he would get snipped so if he's having doubts about doing it he might be changing his mind I'd like to know. Either that or he's scared.

So it's really not about trust. It's about his word.
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