Biggest Loser Is Bad For The World

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Side 1 says... My husband and I were talking about the Jersey Shore in bed the other night and how bad it is for young kids to see how they act and they'll end up doing the same things when they get older because they think it's cool.

And then he argues that all reality tv is trash. I said there are helpful shows like the The Apprentice (charities), American Idol (charities), and The Biggest Loser helps people lose weight.

He says to glorify celebrities to feed their own ego is retarded. They should just let the fat people on the Biggest Loser eat the celebrity egos and stay fat.

I think some can be helpful. He thinks it's all terrible.
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Side 2 says... Forgive my wife - she believes reality tv is REAL.

My points are very simple. The Biggest Loser glorifies fat people and is only designed to allow thin people to laugh at fat people and to show fat people how difficult it is to lose weight so they don't try just to keep them fat and eating. Really, do you think the network turns down McDonald's if they want to advertise during it? Rewarding people to lose weight with cash? Sorry, but the odds are better in favor of you gaining more weight and going on disability.

The Apprentice and American Idol as a charity argument. Seriously? American Idol is a multi-billion dollar franchise. Apprentice isn't too shabby either. The amount of good they do is minute compared to their bottom lines. Entertainment as an argument? More like a giant time suck.

But there's so many I'm not going through them all. The Real Housewives can die in a fire. They even gave Michael Vick a reality show.

And it's not only reality tv. TV is killing this nation. That and f*ucking Farmville. The U.S. is falling fast and it's mostly because people don't give a sh*t and follow like sheep while they keep their eyes glued to who's fighting on the Jersey Shore.

I don't care if I win this argument. The nation is already dumbed down by these shows and other 'entertainment' like it. So this vote will be erroneous from the start. God help us and our children.
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