My Husband, The Meathead

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Side 1 says... All day long everyday my husband talks about working out. He drinks protein shakes and neglects everything else around the house. He doesn't even work. He got laid off so he took to working out and is now addicted. The problem is I never see him looking for work. He works out at least 2 hours a day, neglects our son, and does noteven cook dinner for me when I get home. I honestly think he quit working out - now after he works out he looks at websites on working out and buys supplements we can't afford. Even tlaks about steroids. Is this what a midlife crisis is? I don't need a guy with a six pack. I need a guy that plays with his son, does some housework if he's not working, and if he does get a job, provide a paycheck. It's hard on my paychecks!!!
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Side 2 says... OK look. I am not that bad. i began working out during my breaks looking for my next job. It got rid of the stress. THen I started to see the results. So I kept at it. I feel better now and even though I don't have a job and cant find one i am at least keeping in good spirits. Did she tell how down I was? No. She is worried about the money. Luckily I saved. We have money in savings and we may be running through it but I will find something eventually.

She is just pissed because she can't lived a life she's grown to love right now. And that means eating out all the time.
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