Football Games Unsupervised

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Side 1 says... "Due to the lack of supervision and the nefarious activities synonomous with these football games, gives me reason to be reluctant to allow our children to attend frequently. Occasionally is acceptable. Just not every game. And the compromise was that if they want to attend every game, we will go with them."
Added by Travis4me (male)
Side 2 says... My step dad says that we can't go to football games unsupervised all the time. I'm twelve and my sister is fourteen and we have cell phones so i don't think theres a difference in how many times they let us go. He thinks that if we don't go every week we can go every once and a while and we won't do bad things. I am not the kind of person to do bad things and neither is my sister.
Added by dezzie12 (female)
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