He Was My 'friend' That Had A 'crush' On My Sister

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Side 1 says... I'm just using the same letter that I sent to my friend.... I'll take the names out...!!
I don't know if you Dave told you what had happened to me recently and if it can happen to me, it can happen to anyone. I was drugged and raped while I was at the Sammy concert.

I research music and my two loves of music are Mason and Sammy. I don't date, don't have a husband or boyfriend, so if it was a supposed let's get drunk and have sex, I would have just said 'whoops' and went on with my life.

But this guy had done this sort of thing before so he knew exactly what he was doing. He planned this for a couple of months from the time that I bought the Sammy tickets, (the minute that they went up for sale.) to the time day of the concert.

He at first told me that he was going to stay at his daughter's place in Omaha, then said that he was going to get a motel at the Regency where he was going to be attending a motorcycle training course the next day, then it was a motel further away from the Regency. With these plans I got nervous and asked my cousin if he would go there with me to the concert as well. So we were going to drive together and meet 'Jeff' at his motel then all drive to the concert together. When 'Jeff' said that he was going to pay for a motel room for my cousin and myself, I asked why??? My cousin and I were going to go back to Lincoln to meet Dave at the bar where SkyFive was playing. So these new plans got me more nervous. So I called Dave and told him that I would pay for half his ticket if he went to the concert. He had plans with his family and couldn't go. I begged my real estate buddy to go and he was going to our company party. So I thought that I might have been over reacting, since I had known 'Jeff' for 10 years because I used to work with him at the state. And once he met my sister, he professed a huge crush on her. So that's why I started letting him hang out with me, I thought he was safe because he had a crush on my sister.

'Jeff' was sly because up until the day of the concert, he would send me emails that started out with the name 'Sis' as in sister. So I thought he was safe. He would come to where I was bartending, he would go and listen to bands with me. I thought he was completely platonic....

So anyway, when we got to 'Jeff's' motel room, he had beer for him and my cousin Jason, and a huge bottle of UV Blue and one small bottle of 7up for me...???? I didn't want to drink since I was driving home to Lincoln after the concert. So I had a small drink of Blue UV and 7up. I didn't think twice until after the fact that the 7up bottle was already opened. Then since my drink was small and we were leaving, I poured the rest of it in my huge Adrenaline energy drink for the ice. I took that drink with me while we drove to the concert. Jason was drinking some of it, 'Jeff' didn't want to even taste it, even though it was a weird combination. He's a lush, so it was suprising that he wasn't drinking very much at all.

At the concert, Jason my cousin and I went outside the gate to have a smoke before Sammy came on stage. We had 'Jeff' watch our beers while we left. When we came back, he was real specific about which beer was mine. I drank it and about 20 minutes later I was tripping. I don't even take Tylenol, so whatever drug it was that he put in my beer hit me like a ton of bricks. He overdosed me. I was falling all over the place, he wasn't asking if I was alright. My cousin Jason was apologizing to everyone around us. He didn't know what was going on because we're "Harris'", when we drink, we can watch our limits. Our family has been in the bar business since we were both kids. So the only thing that was keeping me going and not dying was the fact that I was listening to Sammy, I listen to music 24 hours a day, I research music (www.#####.com) I daily participate in Scott's Noon Request show. I know music.

So since I listen to music even when I'm sleeping, I was focusing on Sammy's singing and me knowing the words to all of his songs. Then after the concert, I remember having him almost carry me to his truck. He left Jason at the concert, but luckily Jason had friends there. Jason thought that since 'Jeff' was my friend and had a crush on my sister, that he would let me sleep it off at the motel.

That's not what happened! I blacked out/passed out in the truck, but I could still hear. 'Jeff' wasn't saying anything to me, he wasn't asking if I was alright or anything. I remember him having to half carry me to the motel room and as soon as I sat on the end of the bed, I went backwards. I remember him turning on the tv and then not saying anything, then I remember him pulling me up and pulling on my pants to take them off. He was bitching because he was in a hurry and couldn't take off my belt because it was hung up on my fanny pack. I then went back down on the bed my pants were off and I kept waking up while he was having sex with me. A month later I still had bruises on my legs. He kept telling me to get on top of him and when I was able to speak, I kept telling him that I couldn't move my head. It was like I was stuck on the end of the bed, while he was raping me. When I finally was able to get up off the bed by myself. He got under the covers and I thought it was odd that he was having sex with me while I was at the end of the bed. He drugged me but whatever it was it gives you the feeling that you just drank too much.

Anyway, he wanted me to get under the covers like him and sleep with him. He wanted me to think that we had a fling and I was supposed to wake up in his arms and think that we were boyfriend and girlfriend. I don't date, but it's because I've been in love with a guy for a couple of years and until he's free, I'm have no desire to be with anyone else. Especially this nerd. He hasn't dated for years and it's because he's a loser.

Dave said that he's never liked this guy. I always try to be tolerant of people. But not anymore.

Anyway, 'Jeff' kept my shoes from me and said that he 'lost' them. He didn't want me to leave the motel room. I knew in my drug induced state that he had just raped me. And I needed to ge the hell out of there. So I left and thought he could just keep my shoes. Luckily, (Thank God) I used to work in Omaha and I knew that I could drive back to Lincoln since I already on West Dodge and I knew exactly how to get back to Lincoln. Without taking the interstate. I would always drive through Gretna, Ashland, Greenwood, etc... So I knew that I could make it home. Because I already knew that where ever I was going to end up that I would still be overdosing the next day. He drugged me so bad, but it takes a few days for the stuff to wear off and to completely and fully understand what had happened. It took a week and a half to piece everything together, that's how messed up you get from an overdose.

I swear to God the only thing that got me home was listening to your radio station. I focused on the music, because I know the words of every song that you play. I got home with out killing myself or anyone else. I slept until 7 the next night and everytime I would try to take a sip of water I would start throwing up. It's like when you come out of a surgery but I was out for way longer than that, that's how I know that he overdosed me.

When I was finally able to shower and still in a state of confusion, I called him. He said that he was so in love with me, etc... If he was so in love with me then why didn't he call me to see if I was alright. I know that he was scared that I died or killed someone with my driving or figured out what he did to me... so he was waiting for me to call him. Something was up with him but I was still so out of it, I was in a daze, he would call me everyday and act like he was in love with me. I had to wait until that Wednesday when he got back to work so I could email him and see what his response was. I told him that I didn't feel comfortable with having sex with him, when he and everyone else that knows me, know that I want to wait until Im in a long term relationship or when I got married again. He didn't know that I had a huge long term attraction to this one really hot guy... I have to be attracted to someone, they have to have Thunder and Appeal to attract me. This guy has nothing. His response to the email was real squirrelly. So it finally dawned on me that he did in fact drug and rape me. It took a week for things to come together. I don't know what combination of drugs he used, but they messed with me so bad.

So on Friday a week later, I spent the day in shock. It's hard to wrap your head around something like this happening. Especially, from someone that you know. I took Saturday off from trying to think about all of it and spent the day with my daughter just swimming and trying to regroup from this ordeal.

Then on Sunday, the freak finds out where my open house is and comes out and brings me presents. I just realize that he drugged and raped me and then he comes to a vacant house where Im at and brings me presents. He brought me Harley Davidson stuff, like I was supposed to be his biker chick and flowers with the card saying 'To the Best Buddy I ever HAD'. This guy is a nut case and Im standing in an empty house the day after I piece everything together and realize that he severly drugged me and knew I was overdosing and didn't do anything about it, then raped me and let me drive home. If I would have been pulled over by the cops, I would have been arrested because at the time, I couldn't have explained anything.

So I call the Lincoln Police 3 times, find out where Im supposed to go to report this. I go, have to wait, get interviewed by 2 schmucks of cops and then they tell me I have to go to Omaha. I go to Omaha the next day, talk to them. Then wait, wait, wait and wait some more. Then the detective calls me, I go back up to Omaha. He tells me that if I go to the Emergency Room and tell them I got raped they can test me for the drugs. I looked it up and thought it might be a certain date rape drug called Ketomine. The detective didn't know. The Emergency Room's rape kit only tested for pot, coke and drugs like that. The detective said to order a ketomine blood and urine test. I asked for a hair test from the beginning and even got the name of a detective in another town that knows the procedure. The detective said that they weren't familiar with that type of testing....

So needless to say after weeks of me doing the research, paying for a drug test that was only for one drug that I thought it might be, because the Emergency Rooms, police and detectives aren't very informed on slimy guys that drug and rape women. And didn't know what other drugs to test for. They didn't follow up with the guy that knew the right procedure on how to do hair follicle samples for drug testing. Being sick for a week because of whatever drugs this guy used on me. My body was detoxing, because I never get sick and never do drugs and my body just shut down.

I called the detective back and raised more hell with him. He said that he would call 'Jeff' and interview him. 'Jeff' paid an attorney a couple of hundred dollars and told the attorney that it was consentual and the detectives closed the case. Done...

So if this happened to me, a single music lover that works her ass off researching music, selling real estate, bartending for my aunt because in a few years Im going to buy the family bar from her. It can happen to anyone, and all the guy has to do is hire and attorney and say that 'we talked and had sex'... They drop the case. And life goes on...

I'm writing a book about this to help other women. I want people at bars and concerts to know that if a hot chick is with a nerdy guy and she looks like she's tripping on acid and the nerdy guy that is normally a lush is not drinking at all, and isn't seeing if the hot chick is alright, he's just standing there waiting to take her home. I want people to step in. The whole thing was messed up but this guy had done it before, he was too experienced and didn't freak out or anything. It was the worst thing that I had gone through in my life. The whole incident, but then the days of recovering from it, then having to deal with the cops, detectives, doctors and try to carry on and act normal so that my daughter, family and real estate business wouldn't suffer. I quit working at my aunt's bar, and I quit working for a residential repair guy because it took me awhile to be around a lot of people. In real estate, I only work with people that I absolutely know. I only have done open houses for my listings and have been aware of everyone that comes in the house and I make sure I can get out the other door in case something were to happen. I scared one of my clients because I was scared to death to go into his house unless his wife was there. After hours at the real estate office, I had to meet an agent and I met him outside in the parking lot because I didn't want to be in an empty office building with a stranger. I was safer out in the parking lot.

So this whole thing has turned my life upside down. I need to talk about it to help other unsuspecting women. I have this guys profile down pat and understand (in hindsight) what people need to look out for when they deal with this particular type of personality. Also, I want information on the inside of Ladies Restrooms. I want rock stars to talk about this before there concerts. I want more people to be informed about drug induced rape and if they think it's happening, I want them to step in and help out. If a woman thinks that she was drugged and raped but her head is still in a fog. I want her to go to the police immediately. Or call the Rape Crisis Center. This guy paid an attorney a little bit of cash and he's laughing to himself, because he think he got off free and clear.

I'm a tough woman, if a guy tried to do anything with me, I would kick his ass. That's why he drugged me...

So if you guys are in the 2008 era, think about talking about this over the air. It will help out a lot of people. No one is informed. I would talk about it over the air. Alot of people know me in the Lincoln and surrounding area. So they could put a face to the name...

So 'Jeff' it's your turn.....
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Side 2 says... Like I told my attorney, I took 'Riches544' and her cousin to the concert. I only had 2 beers, which I normally drink at least 7. I couldn't find her cousin after the concert, so I took 'Riches544' back to a motel that I rented. We talked for hours and then made love.

That's my story and I'm sticking to it.
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