Guy With The Golden Voice Sham

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Side 1 says... My friend says this is a great story and I disagree. First the guy abandons his 9 kids for drugs and booze. He didn't do anything special and didn't help anyone. His kid comes and says he's been drinking Grey Goose every day a whole bottle everyday. And now cos this guy got a good voice he gets all this money and the media latch on to him Oprah wants to even give him his own show! Happy for him to be off the streets but for him to go straight to the top and have everyone forget what got him there disgusts me.
Added by radicalbabies (female)
Side 2 says... Everyone deserves two chances (sometimes three :) ). Like you never did anything wrong and people didn't forgive you. Maybe it's not as bad, but remember the time you got caught stealing the black dress at Tammy's and mall security held us until your parents came. They forgave you. Give him a break. He got a mom that gives him enough crap for his life choices he doesn't need any mor people given him a hard time. He is trying to be good. And whoever is telling lies that he is still drinking is just jealous and wants her 15 min.
Added by rockstar_sis (female)
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