Baby, Is That Even Possible?

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Side 1 says... I was with the father of my daughter for about 10 years. Last October, we called it quits & he moved out. 2 weeks ago we decided to give it another go. We were getting a long famously (as most "new" relationships do), but there is a lack of trust in the relationship. I, as well as he, have made mistakes in the past, but am hoping now that we are done with our 20s, we can finally grow up and be a family. To prove I had nothing to hide, I allowed my ex, now not ex, but perhaps soon to be ex? a look at my cell phone.

He mentioned to me, I was more than welcome to take a peek at his as well. At the time, I passed, trusting there was nothing that would turn my stomach.

Boy, was I wrong. This morning I woke up early & found my "man" snoozing on the couch. I noticed his phone was open & my curiosity began to flow.

Looking through his text messages. I found a few from a girl he CHEATED ON ME WITH FOR THE 1ST YEAR of our relationship. Being we were only 18 at the time & both a bit foolish, we worked it out & it became a thing of the past. The messages from her were telling him how her new man couldnt make her reach the high spot, & she had to fake it. His response "Baby? is that even possible?" She replied with an cutesy "lol" the he said "Bet you didnt have that problem with me.

These messages were from Feb 12th. On Feb 14th, she wished him a "Happy Valentines (VD) Day", but he did not reply. He says he was poking fun at her and it meant nothing. Im aware theyve been friends for several years, but Im pretty bruised about these messages. Purely inncoent flirting or is it time to bust out the brass knuckles?
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Side 2 says... Lack of trust would be an understatement.. True,I have been unfaithful in my younger years. Since my daubaghter was born 7 years ago Ive done my best, for the most part, to remain faithful. My not-so-ex, on the other hand has had at least four relationships while still with me.. She left me a couple years ago and I developed a relationship with someone else. My ex, and I reconsiled and got back together.. I unfortunately made the mistake and cheated with the girl from before. I had caught my ex in another lie and reacted. Over the last year my ex and I have talked on a daily basis, and over the last month we decided to try it one last time.. Honestly they have been the best couple of weeks ive had in a long time.. she feels the same way... Here's the catcher..When I asked to see her phone(which I feel terrible about doing, and probably wouldnt think about it she kept her ringer on around me) which she has plannly refused to do for years..She showed it to me..kinda.. it was held at a distance and I wasnt alout to touch it. I could barely see anything. I really didnt care tho.. Im kinda used to it..I've told her she is free to look and my phone and computer whenever she wants.. I have nothing to hide.. I guess I shoulda been more specific.. at least wait till I wake up. The message she is refering to is from a friend of mine that I've had since grade school.. and yes I did cheat with her several times over the course of a year... that was ten years ago and my ex and I had just gotten together. the other morning she sent me a txt asking if I ever had to fake it with someone.. my response was "baby, is that even possible" mine you that I call women baby all the time.. It does in no way mean im interested in her, am with her, have cheated with her, nothing.. She responded with "I had to last nite and it was hard" My smart ass responded with" you never had that problem with me" and that was the end of conversation... When my ex or not ex saw this she completely flipped out..(at 6 am) saying I was cheating on her and everything else under the sun... Ive been trying to make things rite with my ex for a very long time and I honestly think we can make it.. Out daughter depends on us...

I understand her concern about and discomfort about us talking and I have told her Id stop.. Its not like we hardly talk anyway..

Trust is a hard thing to regain and over the years I have done all I can do.. I dont lie to her.. I dont cheat on her... I dont keep my ringer off so she wont know whose calling..
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