Wife Coddles. Pisses Me Off.

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Side 1 says... My wife has a problem. She continually coddles our 19 and 15 year old boys. By this time I'd had been working for at least 2 years (12) running a paper route and mowing lawns at 13. My 19 year old has never worked. Ever. He goes to community college and feels entitled to not do anything beyond that because he thinks since we couldn't afford to let him go to a state university at least for the first two years he shouldn't have to work because he needs to study and we aren't paying that much for him to go to "community for losers."

What he really thinks is he is entitled to more because my wife has told him this. It's not so much we couldn't afford to send him to a bigger school. I see it as a bad investment right now. He didn't get in! He had a 2.5 GPA in high school and a 890 SAT. Sorry, he's not a rocket scientist. Or maybe he is. I will never know because my wife doesn't push him for nothing. She thinks it is ok and he tries hard enough.

I told him to get a part time job to pay for his car insurance on the car we bought him. He cried about it and then went to his mother. My kid has no balls. Sorry to say but it's true and she won't accept that this is her fault for coddling him.

My 15 year old isn't as bad but I have a few years to rear him into shape before school so long as I can get my wife on board. Otherwise he will turn out the same as Josh.

He is not owed college. He doesn't even try. He plays f'ing video games when he is not there and who knows what he does when he's there. He's only got a 3.0 halfway into his softmore year. And this is (by his own accord) a school for losers.

I'm not tough. I spanked him one time and my wife quit talking to me for two weeks. She has control in a way but she is doing the damage. His high school didn't help with their coddling but when he fails a test, she should not have told him it was probably the teacher's bad teaching. Then he thinks that for every teacher. It's them. Not him. I'm sure he's still doing it now.

Enough rambling because you've no doubt heard this before. I'll let her tell her nothing argument.

(just to let you know neither of them do chores anymore by their own decision)
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Side 2 says... He's right. I'm not tough. He's tough enough for both of us. Kids have a lot to deal and try to make them feel better about their lives.

I came from a verbally abusive father and I don't want to see that kind of thing with my kids and husband.

His way is wrong. I try to push them in other ways than yelling. I don't care if he works. I want him to explore his creative side and see where that takes him. He doesn't just play video games. I see him studying. Our kids are no worse off than any other kids around. they are respectful. He did have an awful teacher that I went and had choice words with because he was trying to be progressive instead of teaching like a normal teacher. None of the kids were doing well. Only 3 got an A in the class. That affects their GPA and later what colleges see. So I have a problem with the teachers if only 3 people have a chance at getting good enough grades for college standards now.

Of course I'm gonna be nice to my kids. They're my kids!!!
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