I Want To, But I Can't Risk Losing Him.

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Side 1 says... My husband has to wait around a year in Guatemala to receive his waiver and visa so that he can come back to the US to be with me and our two children. He wants me to stay with him in Guatemala while he waits. In order to ve approved for this waiver he has to prove extreme hardship for my children and I to live without him. Part of this includes proving that we would suffer immensely if we had to move to Guatemala in order to be with him. I have heard of people who were denied because their spouse VISITED them before they were approved. I refuse to take a risk that could mean that I have to live in Gualtemala for the next ten years if I want to be with my husband.
Added by smaz89 (female)
Side 2 says... I need my wife with me. The lawyer said she could visit me in Guatemala without affecting the outcome of my waiver application. Let's keep in mind that these "people" who's "spouses" were denied my wife has never met them, and she does not know them. Our daughter is 30months old and our son is almost 18 months old. I cannot live a whole year without them. They will have grown so much and I will miss out on too many firsts. I love my family too much to go a whole year without seeing them.
Added by Beto83 (male)
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