Girl Friend Outing Me To My Parents

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Side 1 says... One of my best friends in the whole world just hurt me beyond words. I'm graduating high school this summer and I'll be off to college. I've been in the closet all my life to ALMOST everyone. My friend, Kate, is the only real person (aside from casual hookups I don't see often as I see outside my hometown to keep it from getting around). I had to tell someone and she was it. She was my outlet.

My parents are moderate but they despise gay people. They don't believe it's natural and totally are against the idea people are born that way. I know if I tell them they will hate me for it. They might get over it eventually but they wil hate me for a while. I know they will definitely not pay my tuition. I will have loans and I got a partial scholarship but they are still paying about $10,000 a year for me.

Anyway, Kate feels I have an obligation to tell them because it's the right thing to do and it will be a huge burden off me. She said if I don't by graduation she will do it because she has known my parents forever and thinks they should know. I am scared. I can tell them down the road. Why mess it all up now? This is MY life. Not hers. Tell her she's wrong and should butt out!
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Side 2 says... It's time for him to tell them. I think they will be more understanding than he thinks. They are definitely old school but they love their son. He's always used me to mask it from them and they think I'm his girlfriend. Now I have a boyfriend and I had to try hiding it from them - they saw me out and kissing the other guy. Now they think I'm a cheating slut and hurting their boy.

I don't want my reputation hurt over it. I don't want them telling other people I get around just because he is not willing to come clean. I think leaving out that fact in his story is a big deal considering I'm not egging him just to do it to satisfy my own belief that he should tell them (which I believe he should) but when it now involves me, it's now on his head. I'm not throwing him under a bus.
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