Hey America, Learn To Concede And Save The Nation

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Side 1 says... A fair weather fan is a fan of a sports team who only shows support when the team is doing well. During hard times they usually bandwagon other teams. This is not the case of the two party political system in America...and it has destroyed this nation. Egocentrism and the inability to go "hey, I was wrong" is why 100% of people make 100% of people suffer at one time or another.

Politics may be the only fair weather sport out there. People who voted or support a particular candidate do so with so much hatred for the other side that no matter what their candidate/president does it's the right choice.

Should we really be in Libya, Democrats? You know as well as I that we shouldn't. But you will band together to support a decision made by a Nobel Peace Prize winner who's repeatedly stumped for the removal of troops from foreign nations. And it's costing billions.

And of course, with that comes the backfire remarks about Bush and Iraq. OK fair enough also. We definitely overspent there as well. And Republicans still were hellbent in their supporting of their candidate.

Our nation is in such turmoil - not because of a Bush or Obama, but because we as a people have so much fear in admitting we are wrong that we'll fight it until we convince ourselves it's right.

Obama did not "change" anything. Sure he signed his name to a few documents he likely did not read (briefing doesn't count), yet the power of liberal media will push those small agenda as sweeping change. Wrong.

Or argue health care. It's now so much better, right?

Reading the birther issue - why ridicule Trump for spending his own money to try and investigate? He is not hurting you. Obama spent your money to conceal this whole thing and somehow you are OK with that. And then you will call out Trump and his bankruptcy protection. It becomes a giant, neverending circlejerk with the sole purpose of not finding out the truth in what works, but facetiously maintaining your vote was the right one.

It is the "keeping up with the Jones'" bragging rights that I voted for him, banding together to build more hate for the other guy to mask protest of your guy. Libs can definitely thank the Palins for this.

Each issue should not be backed based on the candidate you voted for. Failure to concede to another candidate with a better solution to a problem is the problem. Your political support should not be based on who you voted for after the vote. It is issue centric. Am I wrong? I will give someone else the chance to tell me.

So many die-hards. Quit cheering for the team that won the big dance last year. There is a full season of games this year where each of those games is equally important. Cheer for the one who plays the best in that game. In the end, the winner will be revealed, not fanned based on how much merchandise they sold from their win the year before.
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Side 2 says... Nope. This is wrong. It has nothing to do with flop-flopping. It has to do with money. It doesn't matter who is voted in or what they say they will do. The only thing that matters is the money behind both of them. We have red and blue states but the fact is the only color that matters is GREEN.

People that do not have money can't change much as far as a vote. I agree with you that Obama has done much of what he campaigned on. But it's all a set up anyway. It's already pre-determined by the real rulers of this country - the corporations.

However, the time will come where the poor will have a voice. Bullets cost under $0.50 each and anyone can afford that. Wealth does not buy invincibility.
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Voting Has Ended
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