The Thin Walls In Our Apartment Building

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Side 1 says... My girlfriend is an extremely sweet girl but she has a problem. She is loud. Extremely loud. And I mean both in bed and just regular talking. But she thinks I am being an idiot.

I see our neighbor on the stairs or in the elevator and they look at me funny or they talk between themselves and laugh. I know it is her. She is like a commercial that comes on louder than the regular programming. She almost begins to sound like Gilbert Gottfried.

Don't even get me started when she's drunk. We've had bangs on the walls because of the noise and she says it's the music which is funny because the volume is broken and stuck on the same volume where they don't complain in the middle of the day.

She doesn't believe me and refuses to acknowledge. So I recorded her on my phone. She says it is the phone that is distorted.

I just want her to try and be respectful of others. Her parents are also loud. She doesn't even try to see it.
Added by bayrays (male)
Side 2 says... I just went to ask our neighbors to the left (near our bedroom) if they ever hear us or if we are too loud for them and they said no. They said they never hear us making any noise not even tv.

I think he is a freak thinking they care. I am no louder than he is. He doesn't talk to many people and is always worried what other people think so most of the time I think he just makes it up. He gets sweaty in crowds so I can see this just being one of his issues.

I dunno about him sometimes. All he had to do was ask them. I talk to everybody :)
Added by super_modern (female)
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