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Side 1 says... Our 18 year old is about to graduate high school in a month and though has been accepted to some smaller schools now wants to go to trade school to be an electrician.

I think this is wrong. I think he needs to get a degree and work as maybe an electrians helper part time while he is in school to see if he even likes the work.

He wants to do this because even though we have some money towards tuition he will still need student loans and he doesn't want to have the debt.

I am just trying to get both my wife and I on the same side here so we can give him a better support system and let him understand the benefits to go to college.
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Side 2 says... I feel our son deserves to make up his own mind. My husband thinks he is too young to understand the choice he is making. He said he would go back to college later. But he will get a head start and not be in any debt his way. I think it is not up to us and he should do what makes him happy. My dad pushed me into going to school for the wrong major and now I don't even work in that field. If we push him into college, he might not even use it.
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