An Inapproproate Text Message??

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Side 1 says... I have been friends with a girl for most of my life (through school, college etc). Back when we were teenagers she had a bit of a crush on me but as I didn't have any feelings for her in that way we remained just friends.

We lost touch for a long time and have recently reconnected through Facebook. We now both have families and kids and it was nice to catch up and fill in the gaps of the past 15 years.

We started to chat on facebook on a regular basis and have met up a couple of times for a few drinks.

We always make light of the fact that she had 'unrequited' feelings for me back in the old days but as part of this running joke, prior to one of our meet ups she sent me a text suggesting that we skip the drinks and go somewhere where she could "snog my face off".

Now I know the context in which the message was sent but my partner read the text message on my phone, and has gone mad.

All my attempts at explaining the context of this message and the nature of our 100% platonic relationship have fallen on deaf ears and She has insisted that I cease all contact with my friend.

Is she being unreasonable in asking me to do this to my oldest friend or have I acted inappropriately and
therefore am to blame for creating this situation?
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Side 2 says... the message in question was sent after a lunch meeting between the two of them and the wording was " next time i will kiss you properly, somewhere quiet and sod eating" also steve fails to mention that they were messaging on facebook most nights and that he has previous history of flirting by text and email with so called female friends, although that was apparently taken out of context aswell.
I did not insist that he cease contact I said that i was not happy with his contact and he told me that he had spoken to her and she had a greed not to contact him anymore! However that has not been the case and they are still in contact so this blew up again last night when I complained that I did not want to be lied to anymore

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