Pantyhose Vs Ties...what's Worse!?

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Side 1 says... I got into a recent debate with a friend about which article of clothing is worse to wear during the summer, a Tie or Pantyhose.

While a woman has the luxury of wearing hose with a skirt, open toed shoes, and a tank top in order to feel "cool"...a man on the other had has to wear a tie with a collared long sleeve shirt, slacks, socks and closed toe shoes.

The tie makes you feel like you're suffocating while hose, I'm sure, make you forgetful that you're even wearing anything.

Anyway, my friend disagrees with me. She thinks hose are worse.

Who do you guys side with?
Added by Hombre (male)
Side 2 says... Cmon now, everyone knows how pantyhose can be hot, itchy, and make your legs feel like sausages...

To be forced to wear them in the summer is pure torture.

A tie can be loosened lightly in order to feel cooler and comfortable. There is nothing you can do to hose to feel better, except perhaps buy a very sheer pair. But then you risk getting a run in them. Then it's back to the pharmacy for another pair.

Hose are worse than ties, period!
Added by Marisol (female)
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