Fruits In The Big Apple

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Side 1 says... My friend is having a very hard time with the gay marriage passing in NYC. For the last 2 days he has seriously bought up every grape in the markets (cheap and you get lots of them), attaching a string with a note to each with the words 'Congrat, fruit.' and telling them it was a wedding favor when handing them out around soho earlier yesterday.

When he told me this after work I was enraged. I am straight and I may not agree with it but I accept it. He fully disagrees and shows it. He has no acceptance to it and is a straight bigot.

I've known him all may life and we've been friends since kindergarden but he kills me with this hatred towards gays.

Irony is 95% of his pron collection is lesbians. But he doesn't consider that gay.

He's gone too far. Tell him. I don't want to have to break it off over his hate.
Added by sinfulsicko (male)
Side 2 says... Seriously is it that bad? I handed them out for a few hours and some were so happy they just laughed it off. nobody got pissed. i don't think anyone is ruining their day. But it does bug me cos i think mairrage is man and woman. this type of shit is bullshit.

look. i am a Christian and this goes against everything I believe in. so what if i made a harmless joke about it. others use violence. i don't care cos in the end they will be judged.

and my friend has a crush on me. i mean seriously. who the hell says break it off to another guy. that is gay.

but if people don't agree that i have the right to my own opinion on it then they are just as bigoted as me.
Added by controlledeating (male)
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