Hey Self-Important Friend...Who The F Are You?

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Side 1 says... My friend Mike (God love him) is a good guy and we joke about this but he really thinks he is God's gift to women. He's not the Jersey Shore type but will spend an hour fixing his hair and making sure he accessorizes.

Now I'm not gay but he is a good looking guy. But average good looking. He's no Brad Pitt. He's got little muscle so he's no Joe Mangianello either. Basically, you would skip over him as uninteresting.

But he has this arrogance where he feels he is looked on as a player and a guy every girl wants. Admittedly he bats a good average but there is no rule. He will strike out 100 times a night and end up with something to add to a number. It's quantity for him and he doesn't get quality.

Before people say I am jealous of his confidence, there is a difference between confidence and arrogance because I know him and it's a show. His self worth is completely derived in his own head. He is late to things because he feels he can be. He is mean to people because he feels above them.

He's a friend that needs an ego check.
Added by destinykiller (male)
Side 2 says... There is nothing wrong wit having confidence. If my friend had it he might not still be a virgin. I am not annoying like he says. I don't do anything wrong when i go out and chicks like how i dress. problem with most people is they can't be themseleves cos they have a stick up their ass about society or what other people say about them. you can say what you want about the jersey shore but they are making more than you. girls actually buy me drinks. i think that's pretty smart to turn it around on them and not to have to buy it for them.

I have confidence and he is jealous. What ya gonna do?
Added by pickaside (male)
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