Jock Sniffing Husband

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Side 1 says... I have a jock sniffer! He knows everything about sports. Every single statistic. Braggart to all his other jock sniffing buddies that all are divorced regurgitating stats (with a measurement of you know what for best). I think I saw a tear in his eye when they announced the NFL will start up again. He worships these people like their Gods!

What he doesn't remember is our anniversary. Or our daughter's birthday. Our son...sure because it's on March 23rd, or more importantly Jason kidd's freaking birthday.

He spends outrageious money on tickets to games. He thinks he knows everythign enough to be a coach. High school hero Al Bundy.

I wouldn't get so mad but it seems like he cares more about a box score than he does his own family. I think he needs to realize the players don't actually car about him so he shouldn't be like a layer of Gold Bond on their crotches. Tell him to go shopping with his daughter. Or play a video game with his son. Or take me to freaking dinner!
Added by SoFedUpWithHim (female)
Side 2 says... Every guy knows my wife - she's the one not getting enough attention. Let it be known she is a stay-at-home mom and doesn't do much other than cook. We have a cleaning lady. She wants to get on me about this because she has no life and only a few friends. Why? Cos most women are jealous of each other. They can't come together like men and have a good time over an event. Yeah we men compete over the stats but we don't get vicious like they do over our friends one-upping us. She thinks we need to buy more shit. What I need is for her to do something other than watch that Kim Kardashian bitch all day and be jealous that she doesn't have all that for being stupid. What she has is a second rate Nets' bench boy.

I love my kids. I love to spend time with them. They are both fans (even my daughter). Sorry she can't join in the fun.
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