Hot Sauce As A Punishment

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Side 1 says... I try to discipline our 4 year old without physical means. I am not against spanking or the people who do it. I just try to find another way.

My husband though feels he's come up with a better solution - using hot sauce on our daughter. If she mouths off or doesn't listen, he puts tobasco sauce on his finger and then rubs it on her gums. My heart breaks as she cries for 20 minutes.

I don't think it is right. It is cruel and he thinks it works. Please tell him it is wrong.
Added by MotherOf1 (female)
Side 2 says... The fact is my tabasco sauce method works. Her methods don't. Our daughter is an only child and she is treated like a princess by her mother. Now she feels she can get and do whatever she wants when she wants. She has been put in time-out, scolded, spanked, sent to her room, made to sit still. All have been ineffective.

So I came up with the hot sauce idea to give it a try. It was like a Pavlov dog response. It worked on the first time. She acts like I do it to her all the time. I did it once and she hated it so much that the minute she begins to act up I threaten the hot sauce or go to the fridge and pull it out she will calm down or say no daddy. Now if she doesn't settle down, she will get it again but so far I haven't had to and my wife is trying to stop me from doing it again.

I am tired of unruly kids in this new generation and I don't want her growing up thinking she is entitled to whatever she wants. She will not be the kid in the grocery store making the scene or the one hitting her parents (I witnessed this with our neighbor's kid and believe me I almost took it upon myself to discipline that time).

It is not cruel. She's inherently a good girl. I just want her to stay that way.
Added by BaconOnASunday (male)
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