Sharing Our Newborn's Photos On Facebook

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Side 1 says... My hubby and I just had a beautiful 8lb 3oz girl! Needless to say we are extremely excited and I'd love the opportunity to share the pictures we take of her with my Facebook friends. My husband is completely against it and thinks there are too many privacy issues with it.

Everybody does it and we have nothing to hide. He provides me stats on bad things that **could** happen but I just don't see it as that big of a problem. There's so much going on and so many people that who's really gonna care about us outside of our circle of friends.

He doesn't have a facebook account and won't get one.
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Side 2 says... She's right I don't have a facebook account. I don't see the point to it. My friends can call me. Interaction on sites like it is fake. Real world interaction for people spending too much time on them is awkward because they don't know how to act in person. Same with video gamers.

But the real issue is my wife is being naive about it. To say that nobody outside our circle of friends cares is not thinking enough about the sinister and evil people out there who have no morals and are only looking to cause the world harm. Not to mention the blood sucking advertisers tracking everything you do on those sites aligning their products with with your interests. It's evasive and creepy because facebook is known to make you opt-out rather than what should be opt-in privacy settings.

The other problem I have with it is it's not real. People are projecting a life above what their life actually is. It is a bragging board. Having status updates about your mundane activities every five minutes is ridiculous unless you are feeding some need of attention.

I don't want people stealing her information knowing what she and our daughter look like and then updating her status to say she's going to the mall where she once gave some stupid game application rights to read her status updates. Who developed the game? Could be anyone. Could be a stalker or worse.

Sorry but I see no good coming from this and it will just get worse because the reason crime works is they are always one step ahead of the good people. And facebook is criminal; most people just haven't figured that out yet.
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