18 And Don't Want To Get Married

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Side 1 says... My parents are pushing me into marrying my boyfriend. I'm 18 and too young to get married. I am pregnant to him but I don't think that's a reason to get married. I love him but I don't think enough to spend the rest of my life with him. I am an adult and should be able to make up my own mind. They are being too controlling. I am still going to college. My boyfriend says he will be there for me and the baby. I just don't think I need him. Tell my parents it is not their problem.
Added by 18isoldenough (female)
Side 2 says... Dad here. First, it is absolutely our problem. You are our daughter and we love you. Second, it is also our problem because you are under our insurance so any medical bills, checkups, etc. all fall on us since you are not married and your boyfriend has not job or insurance. Yes, he is in school too. Who is going to house you while full-time student this year? Us. Who is going to pay your tuition? Us.

We want you to get married because he will realize he now has the option to bolt. He doesn't have to stick around. You will be a single mother and your future will be limited. You'll drop out of school because it will become too hard to be a full-time mother and student. You willl need money from us to support yourself.

He will be drinking beer with his fraternity and probably knocking someone else up.

If you get married, he will likely settle down and take responsibility. You two can work together on it. You will also have his parents to help out as well.

You made the choice. You have to deal with the consequences.
Added by GenerationWTF (male)
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