My Boyfriend Scares Me

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Side 1 says... He is a great guy. But he gets into moods and starts talking to me in suicidal ways. I asked his mom if he's bi-polar and she said no. I've confronted him several times on it. After a while, he will be ok. It goes from one spectrum to teh compelte opposite and he will just get mean saying he's a failure ready to just end it all.

I'm looking for an intervention to get him checked out. I don't think there's anything wrong with it and it could be a chemical imbalance. He may have some deep seeded issues. I just want to help.
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Side 2 says... She just doesn't understand me. This isn't a cry for help and I do get depressed. I never get to the point of actually doing any of this.

She is not supporting me. She is interfering and to go off and ask my family makes them worry when they shouldn't. She does the same thing but she thinks it's only pms. weekly pms? nah.

i admit i have a small drinking problem. but that's not affecting my mood. I think it is because I recently quit smoking and i am craving bad.

i don't need professional help though. she just likes when i am vulnerable and tries to be my savior. that just makes me even madder. but i don't need an intervention. i just need a damn cigarette.
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