He's Calling Wedding Off To Join Occupy Wall Street

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Side 1 says... My fiance has devastated me. He's choosing a stupid protest over our lives together. He thinks he can make a difference when all he is doing is ruining my life and the life we could have together.

This is no joke and he is dead serious. He says I am not paying attention. I get the whole thing and I'm pissed about what is going on in the world but he should be worried more about the people around him that care about him and a life he could have if he loved me than doing this protest.

It's not right and my family is so mad they could kill him right now.

The thing is it won't make HIS life better.
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Side 2 says... We were laying in bed the other night and this is the comment that changed things for me:

"Why are you so passionately angry about things you can't change and have no control over."

THIS is the reason. I thought to myself. I do have the power to do something. I can go participate. Because after all the preaching I've done on the subject (which is the only reason she knows about it or makes any attempt to pay attention), she still is not understanding the importance of it.

We want to have kids. She does not understand that what is going on in the world on a whole has EVERYTHING to do with how our future children will live and what life they will have. Will they have nothing? Well corporations leave them destitute and impoverished in a slavery-driven society where minimum wage does not increase with cost of living and what once was a country where families able to survive on one salary can barely scrape by on two?

We are not rich. We are the 99%. I don't ever expect to be in the 1%. I just want a fair wage for what I do. And I want to see it all over the nation.

This is not fascist state and I will not support it. This is a future-driven movement and I for one feel it is my duty to join it.

I love my fiancee but the life she claims I will not have if I do this I won't be able to have in a few years anyway if the economic climate does not change. And it's not going to with the state of these greedy pigs. The Federal Reserve must be dismantled.

Whether she stands besides me will be a test of her love for me. I hope she does because I don't want to lose her from my life, but I don't want to lose this class war either.
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