Giving Up Pride For Welfare And Kids

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Side 1 says... We've been married 6 years but have fallen deep into debt and we are underwater on our house. We are barely scraping enough money to feed our small child. My husband lost his job and my salary does not cut it. If we want to keep living in our house, we need to save on food money or he needs to find a new job.

We qualify for welfare but he won't let down his guard and give into his pride and let us go on public assistance. We desperately need it.

Tell him it's ok if you're not abusing it.
Added by plaguedbymoney (female)
Side 2 says... I can't bring myself to do it. We still have assets and I'd rather give up eating any luxuries than going on welfare. I told myself I would never do and I can't. I will do anything I can - clean toilets or wash dishes but welfare is out of the question. I cant even consider wic.

I would rather eat less to give my son more than for me to have to tell him I'm a failure. Things will get better. I don't want any type of enabler that might make me even a little bit lazy to not look for a job.
Added by offfeee34 (male)
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