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Side 1 says... My boyfriend is a struggling actor. He's done some small parts in things you've probably never seen but he does get some roles. Now he tasted fame. Somebody on the street recognized him and he's got a big head about it. He's already talking about quitting college and trying to audition full time durring the day while working the bars and restaurants at night. I think he's crazy since he's a junior and quitting is retarded. He is in film studies already and will probably have better contacts if he stays with the program. Tell him to stick it out.
Added by ucladiva (female)
Side 2 says... A few of the things I've done earn me royalties from commercials. Not much but it does pay some bills. Waiting tables appeals to me because I like people and can network. I'm only considering taking off 1 semester. If I don't get anything substantial or a nice contract, I'm going back to school - no bullshit. I just want to follow my dream now. She's more afraid to take any chances. I had to take a chance to get here now and I'm doing well. Positively positive energy will get me there. The most successful people in the world are mostly people who do not follow the status quo. I am one of those people and it's worked well for me so far. Why mess with a good thing?
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