Scientology Invading My Life

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Side 1 says... My girlfriend is increasingly becoming a cultist. She's starting to study everything L. Ron Hubbard has written and looks up to Tom Cruise and other weirdos in Hollyweird.

She wasn't like this even a month ago but has since found a new friend at the gym and she is hell bent on turning her into a scientologist. And it's working. And she's losing me to it.

Tell her it is not smart to be that impressionable. She's been a Christian the whole of her life (26 years). To throw all that away in less than 30 days in crazy.
Added by ModernCivilHuman (male)
Side 2 says... I never said I'm converting but I'm open to new ideas. He is so closed off to think only Christian beliefs and that there can't be any other way. I too felt this way be Karen has been sitting down with me and expanding my knowledge on Scientology. It's not all that you see in the media and it's not about aliens like people say. How come there are so many famous and powerful people that converted? Have they all been duped?

He's more worried about how others look at him when I talk about it than how I feel about it. He needs to let me explore it since it fascinates me. He won't even debate issues about it because he thinks it's a cult. It's not.
Added by Onward12212012 (female)
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