We Didn't Start Out This Way

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Side 1 says... We weren't fat when we got married 3 years ago. But we've both gained about 50 pounds since we did. I think we aren't attracted to each other because of it and I am desperate to get her back on track. I have started to lose weight but she's not considering it. She keeps eating the same foods and watches tv all night long. She won't even go for a walk with me.

I need her to lose weight. She's wanting to get pregnant and I know when she does she's going to add another 50 or more pounds to herself. She's just unhealthy. Give her motivation. Tell her it is unhealthy and wrong to be fat. I understand thsi now and am trying.
Added by tellertroll (male)
Side 2 says... He is one to talk. and make drama. I watch maybe 2 hours of tv a night but I dont get hoem most nights until 7 from work. I am not 50 pounds overweight. More like 20 I will admit but he sees any bit extra and he has somethign to say. His belly hangs over his jeans enough to cut off circulation. It's not attractive but I still love him and that is enough to make me want him. He is still the guy I fell for so he still attracts me. We all change when we get older. I'm not lookign to be that super skinny girl I was back then. I feel more comfortable now. He's welcome to lose weight first. Maybe that will push me to do it but I don't think it's a problem for me and he is being shallow.
Added by 56whim (female)
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