Drama In The Bathroom!

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Side 1 says... This might seem silly but turned into a huge fight! I returned from a weekend trip and went to get in the shower. My husband had been in the bathroom previously and I noticed the sink was sealed closed and filled with water and toothpaste spit! The mechanism to unseal the drain was broken, so I asked him to fix it. After I got out of the shower, the drain was still clogged and my husband was asleep. Admittedly, I overreacted. I woke him and demanded he fix the sink so I could brush my teeth. It had been a long weekend and leaving the sink like that was disgusting and irresponsible. After some nagging, he finally got up and fixed his mess, but then proceeded to get angry with me for waking him and overreacting. But don't I have a point here? Shouldn't he have fixed the sink right away instead of leaving it like that? Undoubtedly assuming I would just fix it...
Added by Danica (female)
Side 2 says... My wife returns from a long weekend away with her friends. During her time away I cleaned the house and did laundry. When I was brushing my teeth that night I noticed the sink was slow to drain. It had been that way all day, but was much slower now. I figured that it was probably stuck closed, but I couldn't get my finger under it and didn't feel like going to find a screwdriver after I just showered - I figured I'd get it in the morning. My wife, about to get in the shower, comes in an asks me to fix the sink so she can brush her teeth. Again, I decide that she can get away with brushing her teeth in the kitchen and decide to just go to sleep. She storms in, wakes me up, and starts yelling at me to go unclog the sink and that it was disgusting and that I was an immature child. She continues this tirade relentlessly. Finally, I am so tired of hearing her freak out that I just go, grab a screwdriver, and pop the sink drain up - something she could have easily done. She completely discredits any point she might have had because of her actions.
Added by Eraniel (male)
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