Not Upset Over Her Black Friday Bruises

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Side 1 says... OK my wife is upset with me because she and a few of her friends went shopping at 11 pm thanx night to make the sales and get in line.

So she is at walmart and to no surprise there is a stampede of low lifes that have no care about anyone else and they just pounce to get into the store. My wife got thrown up against the sliding door on her way into the store. He arm as a really deep bruise but she's ok.

When she got home and told me what happened I laughed. She was expecting a different reaction but I couldn't help it. I told her she was nuts to go in the first place and it's dangerous. Granted, I am thankful she's alright but it could have been a whole lot worse. But I told her I'm not gonna feel bad for her because she's being an ass going out on that crazy day. She was wrong to go in the first place. It's not worth the deals. And she ended up NOT getting any of the doorbusters.
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Side 2 says... I am not asking for him to be sorry but the way he reacted was more about 'i told you so' than being worried about my health. I don't mind the crowds and I actually get a kick out of the craziness of it all.

The problem I have is I have to go to these things because to get presents for our entire family I have to take advantage of every deal. He won't give enough money to me to get presents for everyone at regualr prices so I'm forced into these situations.

Why should it matter if it was Black Friday or a car wreck that I got a bruise from? He's still my husband and should at least show a little understanding and caring. Geez!
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