Bodily Noises

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Side 1 says... My man will not respect the fact that I cannot stand when he makes noises. He burps, farts, and does all other kinds of weird things with his teeth and handles. He cracks his knuckles, his neck, his back. Basically anything like that. Tell him to stop. It's not good etiquette. He just doesn't think other people care because that's the way he grew up. He also thinks that it's ok because it's natural and makes him feel better.
Added by rainchild (female)
Side 2 says... I don't do it in front of other person. I've been with her for 15 years but we never got married and I've been doing it for years. She's never said anything about it. Now all the sudden she wants me to break the habit.

It's not like I'm forcing it. I refuse to hold it in because it's discomforting and makes me sweat. She needs to grow up and realize it's what people do. She chews with her mouth open a lot and I've never said a word. Maybe I should.

It's natural.
Added by WorkSucksToday (male)
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