Hubby Won't Get Me Helen Kaminski Purse

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Side 1 says... Hi I'm Danielle. I've been married 17 years right out of high school and have never splurged on anything. My husband is being a cheap bastard right now. For christmas I asked him for one thing - a Helen Kaminski Belle Metallic Large purse which is around $850. I know it's a lot but I've never asked for anything like that. We can afford it. We only have one child and he's going to college in a year and a half. My husband makes $120,000 a year and I work part-time but he still controls the money.

I think I should be able to pick my gift for Christmas, don't you? He thinks it is too much to spend on a purse. He would rather take me on a vacation. I told him the vacation would only last a few days but the purse would last years.

I think it's fine and something I would use almost everyday. What do you think?
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Side 2 says... We have our son going to college and she wants to splurge on this now. I don't buy any toys for myself either. She happened to not mention the anniversary gift I got her in March which was a nice diamond earring set. That cost around $2,000.

One big gift a year seems about right. Let's be reasonable - she doesn't even buy the food I like at the grocery. Did I ask for beef jerky? Yes. Did I get any? No. Did she want Oreos? Yes. Did she get Oreos? Yes (I hate Oreos).

My other argument is $850 for a purse is insane. That is all.
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