Neighbor Is Unemployed Driving An Audi

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Side 1 says... We've been good friends ever since he moved into the neighborhood so I felt I can tell him how I feel about this.

He currently drives an Audi TT (2006 or later - not sure) but still it's a nice car with higher insurance than others would be. He also still makes payments on it which are high since he put very little down on it.

He's been on unemployment for the past 99 weeks and it's about to end. But he still won't give up the car. He's using his savings and his wife's income and a little inheritence money he got from his parents to live. If he drops to a cheaper used car with no payments he'll be saving about $450 a month. He won't do it.

He has no current job prospect. I know all this because he told me because he's running out of money. When I told him to lose the car he said no. He wants to keep appearances.

He won't sacrifice and is acting like an entitled child about it. (I only am calling him names because I've heard about his money issues so many times it's annoyed me).
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Side 2 says... He wants my car. He wants to buy it off me and he thinks since I am not really hurting for money but could use it and we are neighbors/friends he could get a deal.

He is using my current situation to try and save himself a little money while pretending to care about my situation. He has a good job and is not in any situation but is ruthless when it comes to the almighty dollar. He is the one that when there is a neighborhood party will bring a six pack when everyone else brings a case.

I don't want to give up my car. I still need it in case I do get a job soon. Aside from that I've done several customized mods to the car which made it awesome and it's why he wants it so bad. An I may consider ---- when I NEED to ---- to sell it but I'm not going to sell it for less than what it's worth to a person taking advantage of someone else's situation. He's like a preying mantis.
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