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Side 1 says... My husband actually believes the idea behind this movie could work. For anyone who hasn't seen it, the two wives in the movie give their husbands a week off of marriage to do whatever they want - including sex with other people - in the attempt to realize what they were wanting all along they already had in their wives.

Now he wants to try because he says we're in a rut and he admits (though I watch him anyway) to gawking at women and lightly flirting. He says there's no harm and that we should try to see how strong our relationship is by testing this theory.

I am not ok with him cheating. I am not ok with having an open relationship even if it's only for a week. I don't think we should do this but he says he's been unhappy for the last year and he can't pinpoint why. He believes it is just being tied down in the routine of marriage.

The short of it - I think his idea to get a hall pass is stupid and idiotic.
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Side 2 says... I love my wife. That aside, I can't just sit here all the time and do the same thing over and over. We vacation and such but it always feels the same.

Have any of you ever just wanted to escape your life just for a little bit and live the way you envy a friend or a celebrity? I get anxious and bored about things. Maybe it's ADHD. I don't know. What I do know is I am not happy.

Like I told her, I would not be the only one getting the hall pass. She can do whatever she wants too. I think it might help our relationship. I realize there is the possibility of it hurting our marriage as well but I think that's just a small chance. I love my wife dearly. I can only see myself with her as a living partner. I just want to go out and feel young again.

And not to leave this off the table - my wife cheated on me once while we were engaged. Maybe I never got over it and resent the fact that I never had my little escapade before tying the knot. The only reason I bring this up is because I know more people would side with her if they didn't have this fact to understand my side.

So I dunno. We've been married over 10 years so we're not new at this. I doubt I'll win but at least don't make me feel like I'm alone in thinking like this!!!
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