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Side 2
Side 1 says... My boyfriend is mad because I returned the gifts he got me for $100 store credit. Then I sold the gift card they gave me for $60 so I could get cash.

I didn't like anything in the store at all. I didn't like the gift and I wouldn't ever wear it. He's mad cos he says I pissed away $40 of his money. I think I did the right thing because not wearing his gift would have cost him the whole $100.

He doesn't see it that way.
Added by HappyHottie87 (female)
Side 2 says... Hell yes that's a waste of MY money. A gift is sentimental! It's not like it was meant to be worn everyday. She's more of a straightedge girl and the gift I got was a little slutty (which I like). would have been happy if she just wore it for me. She's always got suggestions on what I wear and if I would do the same thing to her she'd flip a lid.

Losing $40 for nothing sucks. Because she may spend the $60 on herself which is fine but if I knew this in the first place, I would have just given her $60 cash. And this is why I hate buying gifts. She will get cash next year but as for this I think she owes me $40 - I am willing to also negotiate sexual favors also (don't not vote for me because of this - I am a guy for God's sake).
Added by beencalledafunguy (male)
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