Resolution Already Blown

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Side 1 says... My boyfriend decided to quit smoking as his resolution. I gave him an extra incentive that if he kept to it, I would give him the bedroom. He's already lit up twice yesterday. He says he just fell off the wagon and blaming his addiction.

He still wants me to keep my end and says it's healthy for our relationship. He says I didn't keep my diet resolution and he didn't promise me anything if i did.

This isn't just sex. He wants me to do his wash.

I don't feel I should be rewarding him for quitting on his resolution.
Added by hopefulthisyear (female)
Side 2 says... I do have a 2 pack a day habit I'm trying to kick. It ain't easy. I know I screwed up and had a few butts but that is a far cry from what I was doing. I'm still trying! She just wants to quit on her end of the dea cos she doesn't like doing it! Believe me when I say that is some motivation. I like the extra I'm gettin with her. And I'm quitting but I can't quit cold turkey. I get angry and mean without my nic fix and even with the patch it's still rough.

It's only been a week. Tell her to stick it out so I can stick it in (sorry I had to).
Added by mortified88 (male)
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