Liking Trash TV

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Side 1 says... I like to veg out after work. I like stupid shows. I know they're stupid. I know watching the Jersey Shore could have potential side effects on my brain. I know watching the Bachelor feeds my belief that its ok to whore out women for tv sake. I know the Real Housewives are live-in prostitutes. I know the Kardashians are pimped by their mother to do anything for money. I know I am the reason for the economy. I know watching trash tv along with the other millions that do it is why the world is falling apart.

Actually I don't. This is just what my husband tells me. Nice, huh? Is it abusive and is it wrong?
Added by BorderPatrol (female)
Side 2 says... Making me out to be a bad guy for telling her this is insane. It does rot the brain and I think I can tell her this. I don't approve. I don't make her stop watching but I won't sit back and not be vocal about it. She is only making these people rich. She's obsessed. The more she watches the more shows they'll make. Why? The same reason they keep remaking Hollywood. Money. There's no reason to be creative. It's cheaper to have a bunch of assholes running around on tv than to produce quality. These shows are the walmarts of entertainment. You can agree or disagree with how I feel about them but to say I'm abusive about it is wrong. I am just providing my opinion and I'm not going to be politically correct about it. Judge me how you will.
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