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Side 1 says... I asked him to have the dishwasher fixed. He told me I already had my tubes tied.

Apparently he gets mean and becomes a giant bastard when I ask my hubby to do the dishes or get the dishwasher fixed. It's like I asked him to cure cancer. I can't get him to lift a finger unless I threaten divorce. He gives me a smug answer like it's not his job. We both work and he feels his domain is outside only. Of course he pays our son to mow the lawn and wash our cars as allowance. This does not apply to indoor chores - he only has to clean his room. Niether of them hep with laundry, cook, or clean up after dinner. I'm fighting windmills and it sucks. I just think he's not listening to me but he feels justified. He's wrong to think this. Right?
Added by Stella (female)
Side 2 says... It's not like I never help. I admit I don't help that often. I do however buy all the food. She considers her job as doing home parties for Pampered Chef. She makes modest extra cash but come on - it's not a real job! She sits around with a bunch of women drinking wine and gossiping only to try and get each other to buy overpriced kitchen utensils she's now claiming I should be washing. Our son's old enough to get himself on his way to high school so she doesn't have to get up for it. She doesn't have to get up and make me breakfast. I usually pack a lunch but I make a sandwich the night before. What honestly does she have to do if not the dishes?

Maybe I shouldn't have said the tubes tied line, but come on - she's complaining about a few chores. Plus it's funny. Don't let her fool you. She has it easy.
Added by SemiCharmedLife (male)
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