Talk Her Out Of Sugar Babying PLEASE!

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Side 1 says... Danni and I go to college together and she's really behind on her bills, her parents don't have a pot to piss in, and she's on a partial scholarship. She's doing fine but now she says she can't even buy herself food and it's so bad that part time jobs don't pay enough for her to cover her bills.

Now she wants to become a sugar baby and join hoping some rich guy will set her up and pay her way and so she can pay her school loans so she doesn't have them after she graduates.

Tell her it's prostitution no matter what she says. Tell her it's unsafe and she'll regret it. Tell her things will get better without going to this extreme.
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Side 2 says... Tell my friend he needs to mind his own business. I have problems and I see this as a way out (my parents just went bankrupt and may be deported). I'm not going to whore myself out. I will only go so far and I will make that clear from the beginning with these men. It's really not up to anyone but me and I think once this is all said and done and i'm debt-free when I graduate in '13 I will be ahead of the game. Honestly, I could work 2 part-time minimum wage jobs with barely enough time to sleep with my class load and still not make minimum payments or I could do this a few weekends a month and focus on school the rest of the time.

He has a thing for me I think. That's why he's doing this. I love him to death - just not in that way.

I realize this isn't cool with many people's beliefs and that it's wrong to do. However, my problem is more of friend interference than what I'm about to do. I'll do it anyway regardless of his ills. I just want to be respected enough to still have a friend if I decide to do it since he doesn't want me to do it and thinks our friendship would be over if I did (back to the liking me more than friends thing).

Unless you people can get me a decent paying job that works around my school schedule, I see no other ways out.
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