Making Fun Of Me For Pooping My Pants

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Side 1 says... My husband knows I can't hold it for very long. We were travelling last week and in between 2 exits I had the urge to go. I thought I could make it and when we got to the gas station at the next exit I felt like I was alright. Then when we parked I tried to get up out of the passenger seat and shifting my body around caused me to be careless. I accidentally let it go right in my pants.

It slowly started showing wet on my butt and I was clinching so more wouldn't come out while I tip-toed to the bathroom. Everyone in the gas station was looking. It was so embarrassing.

He didn't come in to help. I took a change of clothes from our sutcase in with me and as I left I saw people smiling and heard them laughing as I leave. I embarass easy so my face was completely red.

Instead of consoling me when I got back to the car he started laughing. He laughed so hard snot was pouring out of his nose and he was tearing up. I was so pissed at him for not seeing my side and that I needed comforting instead of ridicule. It really bothered me he didn't even care. He still laughs when I bring it up.
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Side 2 says... I can't really say anything to change what I did. That was the FUNNIEST thing I've seen in a looong time. I couldn't hide my reaction and it was genuine.

I will say it was between us and the store. I didn't tell any of our friends or any relatives and I'm not going to. The people at the gas station probably told their friends but we didn't know anyone. In fact, we had never been in that state before so nobody is gonna recognize us (unless they sell it to a funniest home video show). It's just one of our life journey's stories.

I don't know why she's mad. Honestly she would have laughed if the tables would turn (don't let her fool you because it's true). Tell her she's being too serious about it. Maybe she's wanting the female sympathy. But what do you do when your wife is scooting across the floor with a visible drip running down her leg? It was classic. Classic!!!
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