I Choose Dream, Girlfriend Chooses The Door

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Side 1 says... I chose to leave corporate America on my own accord. I don't have a back up plan. All I have is my dream to become to own my own business. I'm 25 and if I don't do it now I will lose my edge.

My live-in girlfriend decided to dump me over it, doesn't support my decision. So she sucks because of it. I have a great idea for a business and others have done similar businesses have been extremely successful. I said I'd give myself a year and if it didn't work I'd go back to work.

I have savings - enough to start the business, run it for at least 2 months and pay my current bills. Of course everything else will have to be tight. I told her I can't go out and can't take her out to eat. We would have to live frugally until it gets going. She doesn't want to sacrifice and she just wants me to keep working my life away.

I think her not supporting me in this is ridiculous. She would never have the guts to do this. What she doesn't realize is the people she admires and people she wants us to be have likely sacrificed to get to where they are for at least a while.

She thinks she's right to move on. While I'm a little upset, I don't want somebody who isn't going to support me. But I also don't want her to think she's right for doing it. So there's my argument!
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Side 2 says... He wants to start a bar. He likes to drink. He's not going anywhere. Sorry but how many bars are still around in 10 years? He's never gonna make it. He misses college life and he wants to relive it. I know him and I know he can't handle running it while all the crazy things are going on there.

So no I don't support his decision because I also know at the end of a year he's not gonna go back to work. He'll keep trying and failing at this bar until he's bankrupt. That's how he is.

I love him but we are now on 2 different paths. He wants to take chances. I want to settle down.

I just don't see him being faithful either. One of his ideas is to hire extremely good looking female bartenders because he thinks it'll keep people there. He likes to look.

That's all I got.
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